Award-winning academics and more than 100 postgraduate research students in any given year ensure a vibrant community and cutting-edge research culture. Our research record is consistently rated as outstanding.

Research Centres

Our research centres bring together 11 languages with many different disciplines – contributing to a global understanding of languages and cultures.


PhD Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Our PhD/MPhil students explore specialist subjects across our vast areas of expertise, providing a detailed look at topics that span languages, culture and global issues.


Research Projects

Find out more about some of the current research projects that have been awarded funding – ranging from Copernicus’s Library to Colonial Film.

Facade of the 16th-century Casa dos Bicos in Lisbon, Portugal

Research Clusters

Discover Research Clusters ranging from Medieval and Early Modern Exchanges to World Literature and Cultural Studies.

SELCS recent publications

Recent Publications

SELCS recent publications range from 'How the Freemasons Made the Modern World' to 'Comedy and Trauma in Austria and Germany after 1945' via 'How to Rig an Election' and many more.

UCL Student Centre

Research Environment

The SELCS Research Environment includes Libraries, Facilities, Research Spaces, Seminars and Training.

Range of Languages and Geographical Regions

The research interests of our staff embrace European languages and cultures as well as world regions in which languages originating from Europe are spoken, for example Latin America, the Caribbean, the Maghreb and parts of sub-Saharan Africa. We also have considerable expertise in other world languages and cultures like Chinese and Arabic.