Visiting Researchers

SELCS / CMII welcomes applications from visiting academics and research students.

Before applying, all visiting academics and research students must secure an invitation from a member of academic staff in our department.

Visiting Academics staying for min. 4 weeks (up to a maximum of one year)

Visitors wishing to stay for more than 4 weeks must apply to UCL's Affiliate Academic scheme. Applicants are required to provide a current CV and a proposal of the research they wish to undertake as part of the application process. They will also be charged a fee (pro rata of the research student fees) for use of our facilities. Please note that borrowing rights at UCL libraries are currently available only to those visitors staying 3 months or more.

Visiting Academics staying for up to 4 weeks

Visitors staying for up to 4 weeks will be able to access our library facilities at no cost (reference access only). To request an invitation from a specific member of our academic staff, please contact them with a brief expression of interest and provide details of a referee from your current institution or employer.

You may be asked to provide a contribution to SELCS / CMII during your visit, which may take the form of a paper or presentation. This will be discussed with your academic contact.

Visiting Research Students

Students currently enrolled on a PhD abroad can apply to study at UCL as a visiting research student (for 3 to 12 months) to conduct research here towards their PhD overseas. Students who wish to visit us should be admitted as Visiting Research Students for which a separate fee-based system operates, administered through the central UCL Admissions Office. Information on how to apply as a Visiting Research Student is available here

Before formally applying, students should secure a declaration of supervision from a member of our academic staff. Please contact them with a brief expression of interest and your research project and provide details of a referee from your home university.