Erasmus+ Documentation

Attendance Certificate (Arrival / Departure Form)
  • The UCL Student Enquiries Centre staff sign certificate/confirmation of attendance/arrival/departure forms.  You should submit a completed form for signature via studentstatus@ucl.ac.uk (or take it to the Student Enquiries Centre to be hand signed and stamped).
  • In order for Student Enquiries Centre staff to sign your documentation, you must have completed enrolment. 
Learning Agreements (Before Mobility)
  • Before arrival or after the academic year ends, Erasmus Learning Agreements can be e-mailed to selcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk
  • If your learning agreement was prepared by your home university and has different information than below, please inform your Erasmus Coordinator about our correct contact details and request if your document could be updated:
Erasmus code :UK LONDON029
Institution name : UCL (University College London)
Faculty :Arts & Humanities
Department :School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)
Address :Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Country, Country code :United Kingdom, UK
Contact / Responsible person :Dr Geraldine Horan
Function : Affiliates Tutor
Phone Number : +44 (0) 20 7679 4339
E-mail :selcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk
Learning Agreements (Changes During Mobility)

Agreements should be emailed to selcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk.

Learning Agreements (After Mobility) - Transcripts of Records
  • Transcript of Records or 'After Mobility' form is the last part of your Erasmus Learning Agreement, which lists your grades and obtained credits. Not all universities require that this part of the Learning Agreement is completed, but if your home institution needs you to submit it, please fill in your Transcript of Records form and e-mail it to selcs.studyabroad@ucl.ac.uk after your module results are published on Portico. This usually takes place by mid July (full year/ terms 2 and 3 students), or February (term 1 students). 
  • Information about receiving final UCL transcripts can be found here.
Studying at UCL in autumn term (term 1) only
  • Although the UCL autumn term is less than 90 days, it should still be acceptable as a full academic term for the purpose of Erasmus mobility for studies. These rules are specified by individual national agencies in each country and application of this rule seems to vary, however, please note the Erasmus+ Programme Guide which explains that minimum duration of a study period is 3 months, or 1 academic term or trimester (please see the small print for point 24 at the bottom of page 35). The above information was passed on to all our Erasmus partners.
  • If students are strictly required to spend at least 3 months / 90 days at UCL, we recommend that they apply for second semester instead, which consists of term 2 and term 3 respectively and lasts 5 months in total (from early January to early June).