Safety Services


Mandatory safety training courses

All of our staff at UCL are required to complete a number of mandatory safety training modules.

New staff and postgraduate students

  • UCL Local Safety Induction conducted by the line manager and/or departmental staff.  Guidance available from the Safety Induction webpage
  • Local Fire Safety Induction and Familiarisation using the Building Fire Familiarisation Checklist (TN086).
  • UCL Safety Induction (OL)
  • Fire Safety (OL)

New users

  • Principles and Practice in Biosafety (OL) for all staff and post-graduate students undertaking genetic modification work or work with biological agents for the first time.
  • Principles of Laboratory Safety (OL) for all new UCL laboratory-based post-graduate students; new laboratory staff determined by the department.
  • Safe Handling of Unsealed Radioactive Sources for anyone intending to use unsealed sources.

Mandatory training