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Principles of laboratory safety at UCL training

The Principles of Laboratory Safety at UCL course is mandatory for all new laboratory-based post-graduate students. It is also recommended for new staff and those staff working in a laboratory.

Course description

The Principles of Laboratory Safety at UCL course outlines the standards you should follow and will help you to understand the principles of laboratory safety – simple and practical ways to help you stay safe and prevent harm to yourself and those around you.

The course covers:

  • Understanding of responsibilities.
  • Understanding hazards.
  • Risk assessments and procedures.
  • Controlling risks.
  • Managing waste safely.
  • Knowing how to respond in an emergency.

All safety instructor-led training courses are delivered by our team of safety experts.


To provide the learner with an understanding of good laboratory practice and instill those safe behaviours which apply to all laboratory environments.

Target audience



Training courses are free to UCL staff however your Department will be charged £50 if you fail to attend when booked on a course.  Non-attendance at first aid courses will incur a higher non-attendance fee.

Late applications

If you have not received your confirmation notification from the MyHR Mailer please email safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk.

External delegates

Places to external delegates are only offered if there is spare capacity on an instructor-led course.

Please email safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk to be placed on a waiting list stating the course title and date you wish to join. 

Last updated: Friday, June 11, 2021