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Safety induction at UCL

UCL is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everybody and the Safety Induction is your first step in understanding your responsibilities.

We all contribute to the UCL community to develop and maintain a culture that embraces positive health and safety practices. Your safety induction will provide you with information on the key risks, safety requirements and responsibilities specific to UCL and your individual work environment.

You have a duty to take care of yourself and work in a safe manner to ensure you do not put others at risk by what you do or don’t do. 

Everybody who works at UCL is required to complete all parts of their safety induction including both the UCL Safety Induction eLearning and a local safety induction. You must complete the following steps within your safety induction and ask your manager if there is anything that you are unsure about.

 Steps to completing the safety induction

Step 1 - emergency procedures

Emergency procedures
The UCL estate is unparalleled in the sector in its size, scope and architectural heritage. This mix of buildings means that emergency procedures and evacuation routes will be unique to the building you work in. It is important that you understand how to evacuate from your work environment should an emergency occur.

Your manager will explain the emergency procedures to you and this may form part of the Local Safety Induction (see Step 4).

This should be completed on your first day on campus

Step 2 - UCL safety induction

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The UCL Safety Induction eLearning will explain how health and safety is managed at UCL and the part that you play. It outlines UCL's approach to keeping employees, students and visitors safe, as well as the arrangements UCL has put in place to ensure risks are managed.

The UCL Safety Induction will also let you know how to report accidents, near misses and dangerous occurrences using riskNET. 

This should be completed on your first day on campus

Mandatory Safety and Fire Induction training →

Step 3 - UCL fire safety induction

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The Fire Safety Induction eLearning will give you an understanding of the fire safety arrangements and evacuation procedures at UCL to keep yourself and others safe in the event of a fire.

This should be completed on your first day on campus

Step 4 - Local safety induction

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The Local Safety Induction summarises the specific hazards associated with your role and work environment.

Your department will share Risk Assessments with you showing the control measures in place to protect you against any hazardous environments or work activities. You should read any risk assessments made available to you so that you understand how to do an activity safely.

If there are specific risks involved in your role, such as the need to work at height or operate machinery, your manager will make sure that you understand the risks, are properly trained, and provide you with appropriate safety equipment.

You must comply with any rules that have been put in place for your safety.

This should be completed during your first week

Step 5 - Confirm

Online certificate
Once you have completed all the elements of the Safety Induction your manager will confirm that you have completed the Local Safety Induction on your Probation Record.

Remote working

The steps identify that all stages of the safety induction should be completed during your first week of starting at UCL. 

If you are working remotely at the start of your employment at UCL, the emergency arrangements and Local Safety Induction should be covered on your first day attending campus. Where practical, other aspects can be completed in your first week, such as the UCL Safety Induction eLearning.

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Last updated: Tuesday, January 25, 2022