Research and Innovation Portal


Maximising the impact of your project

Information on how to share your research outputs and findings.

    Project outputs: publications and journals

    Listed below are places that can help you share your project outputs and findings.

    Extend your research beyond academia

    Visit the Innovation & Enterprise For staff website to apply your research with external partners, explore knowledge exchange funding, protect your IP, commercialise your research or provide consultancy.

    You can also sign up for a  Making your way in innovation and enterprise information session.

    Knowledge Exchange Framework

    The Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) seeks to quantify and celebrate the many different ways universities in England interact with the wider world. 

    Research Excellence Framework

    The Research Excellence Framework (REF) assesses the quality of research in UK higher education institutions.

    Communicating your research

    Listed below are UCL teams that can help you to communicate your research to external audiences.

    Policy Impact Unit

    The Policy Impact Unit (PIU) is a team of professional policy intermediaries who collaborate with researchers to design bespoke policy engagement strategies, leveraging the team's expertise and connections in both policy and academia to create and deliver effective policy engagement activities.