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ORCID for UCL researchers

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher throughout your career.

ORCID can be used in publications and grant applications, and in UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS). ORCID distinguishes between researchers with similar names, and helps ensure that publications are attributed and recorded correctly. It also helps researchers to comply with funders' open access requirements.

Why should I use ORCID?

ORCID helps researchers to record and report their work. UCL encourages all researchers to use ORCID. Funders like the Wellcome Trust and the UK Research Councils now require or recommend the use of ORCID IDs, and systems like Researchfish and Je-S will soon link with ORCID.

How do I get an ORCID and link it to RPS?

UCL researchers should follow the instructions below to create an ORCID ID using RPS. If you already have an ORCID ID, you should still follow the same steps to ensure that your ORCID ID is connected to your RPS profile.

  1. Log in to UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS)
  2. Click on the Menu tab at the top of the page, then choose "Automatic claiming" from the "Publications" header. 
  3. Click on "Add ORCID" under the "Add external profiles" header
  4. Register to create an ORCID ID, or sign in to your ORCID account if you already have one.
  5. Start providing publishers and funders with your ORCID ID when you submit your work for publication, report your publications and apply for grants.

More detailed instructions can be found on our Guides page. If you have any questions about setting up or using your ORCID, please contact the Open Access Team.