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Closing down your project

Information on the steps you need to take to successfully close your project.

    Research project completion and closure

    Most funders require a final report to be submitted at the end of a project, detailing the outputs, progress, and outcomes of your research. You may also be required to submit a final expenditure report.

    There are also several tasks researchers and departmental research support staff need to complete before a project can be closed by Award Services. 

    Funders usually provide details of the information they require and where to submit your final report. You should check your funder's terms and conditions to ensure you meet their requirements.

    Award Services provides information on processes you need to complete once your project has concluded.

    HR processes

    The UCL Human Resources (HR) team offers advice on what to do when someone leaves UCL.

    Managing data after project close

    Refer to our Data management page for guidance on what to do with your research data after your project has ended. 

    Promoting your findings

    Find more information on promoting your findings on our Maximising the success of your project page.