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Governance and Standards

Ensure you are complying with UCL's governance policies and principles of integrity when involved in research and innovation projects.

    Research Governance

    Find out about how UCL expects you to conduct your research and any action to be taken in response to alleged research misconduct.

    Research Integrity

    UCL considers high standards of research integrity across all of its activities to be of the utmost importance.

    UCL Research Integrity provide information and resources on how to conduct your research in accordance with professional standards.

    Research Ethics

    In order for research to result in benefit and minimise the risk of harm, it must be conducted ethically. All studies that require ethical approval are expected to have approval in place before the research begins.

    Research Ethics compliance

    Everyone involved in research at UCL, whether on-premises or overseas, as well as external researchers and collaborators, are expected to read and comply with UCL's Research Ethics guidance. 

    Ethical approvals

    Find information on ethical approval requirements for specific types of research. 

    Data Protection

    Data protection is part of the ethics process. You must register for data protection before you start to collect any data. Guidance for staff and postgraduate students to help register their research project with the Data Protection Office (DPO) is available on the UCL Data Protection website.

    Research related policies

    These include Research, Finance, and Human Resources (HR) policies.

    Key policies


    Find out more about UCL's current COVID-19 policies.

    UCL Policy Search

    If there is a policy not listed here, please try searching the new UCL Policy Library on the UCL Staff Intranet. The Library includes policies from across UCL departments.


      The following strategies outline how UCL will support research excellence and impact to nurture and celebrate a culture of expertise that delivers benefits to our society.

      Codes of Conduct

      All staff and students engaged in research must follow UCL and the relevant nationally recognised professional code of conduct suitable for their research specialism.

      Data Safe Haven Assurance

      The Information Governance team can provide support for researchers on data applications. As well as the NHS, they have experience with compliance standards for the Data Safe Haven (DSH) covering data providers, such as the Department for Education (DfE), Transport for London (TfL) and others.

      They also guide researchers on data handling, particularly around pseudonymisation/ anonymisation and the security of IT systems. For general queries, please email the Information Governance team at: infogov@ucl.ac.uk

      For more information on the Information Governance assurance process for gaining access to the UCL Data Safe Haven, visit the Data Safe Haven Assurance webpage on the Information Services website.