Research Integrity


Research outside the UK

UCL researchers conducting research abroad, or part of an international collaboration, should be aware of the different civil, legal, financial and cultural conditions when working overseas and are expected to refer to international guidelines and conform to relevant local regulations for the country or countries where the research is taking place.  It is expected that the research will also comply with the UCL research ethics policies and guidelines as well as other relevant UCL policies and procedures, such as relating to insurance arrangements, and risk assessment, etc.

The following roadmap sets out the processes involved in planning and conducting international research. The roadmap highlights the potential problems researchers might come across and where to find the relevant policies, requirements and appropriate advice within UCL. This is not meant to be an all-exhaustive compendium; rather it serves to highlight most important processes and issues. For more information, please check specific local, faculty/departmental processes and requirements.

Update February 2021 - The guidance was revised to update existing links, include links to the UCL Safeguarding policy, and references to UK Data Protection regulations.

Overseas Research Roadmap

The guidance is divided into two parts:

"Researchers" -things researchers need to consider for themselves when they intend to work abroad, including health and safety, UK travel advice, insurance etc. These would generally apply to most researchers going abroad.

"Research Participants/Sources of Material" -things to consider when working with specific sources of data or materials; such as human participants, animals, biological materials, cultural artefacts, etc. Researchers should follow the part of the diagram relevant to the specific source.

An overview of the roadmap is below with detailed guidance on each element in the following sections.  You can also download the full guidance as one document with all of the weblinks summarised.

Overseas Research - Overview