Research Integrity


UCL Statement on Research Integrity

In 2012 Universities UK published the Concordat to support research integrity and the five commitments set out the UK's commitment to maintaining high standards of rigour and integrity in its research.  The Concordat was later revised and the current version was published on 25 October 2019.

UCL Statement on Research Integrity

UCL considers high standards of research integrity across all of its activities to be of the utmost importance. The UCL Statement on Research Integrity reflects this by clearly setting out the standards expected by all those involved with research at or in collaboration with UCL, including adherence to the Code of Conduct for Research and the principles of integrity set out in the UCL statement on research integrity.

The Statement was first published in May 2015, and was revised in 2020 to incorprate changes from the 2019 Concordat, as well as the advancements made within UCL with regards to supporting researchers and a culture of research integrity since the Statement was originally published.    

It is the view of UCL that everyone involved with research has a joint responsibility for ensuring high standards of integrity throughout the research process, from the creation of methodology and data collection through to publication and authorship.

This is echoed in UCL's procedure for investigating and resolving allegations of misconduct in academic research which also sets out clearly accepted procedures for research as well as the definition of research misconduct (pages 22-24).

Annual Reporting

In line with the recommendations set out in the concordat, an annual report on activities relating to research integrity across UCL will be produced for its governing body, the UCL Council. These reports will be published here after consideration by Council.

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