Research integrity


Research Integrity Training Framework

The Research Integrity Training Framework (the ‘Framework’) was created to support a culture of research integrity at UCL.  It is based around what would be required for a research project to be said to have integrity, and therefore the knowledge and skills researchers would need to have to ensure the research has integrity (e.g. appropriate research methods, thorough research data management, consideration of ethical issues, etc.).  It is applicable to all researchers (staff and students) across all disciplines and can be used in two ways:

  1. As a reference to assist researchers throughout the research lifecycle, in ensuring their research has integrity; and
  2. As a training tool for researchers to assess their training needs, according to the research they are undertaking.

There are some suggestions for training in this guidance, which will be expanded over time to provide a wide set of training options available across UCL.

Pathways through the Framework
A living Framework

Research Integrity Training Framework

Research Integrity Framework – Description of Levels

Level 1 – Induction to UCL
Level 2 – Understanding Research Integrity
Level 3 – Research methods, personal skills & elements of integrity
Level 4 – Research methods, personal skills & elements of integrity: Advanced & specific