Research and Innovation Portal


Find partners and collaborators

Whatever the stage of your project, share and broaden your knowledge by joining UCL networks, and find support to help you explore partnerships with a range of external institutions.

    UCL Research Domains

    The UCL Research Domains are large, cross-disciplinary research communities that span UCL and our partner organisations to foster collaborations and facilitate internationally leading research.

    UCL Early Career Networks

    UCL's Early Career Networks (ECNs) provide support for researchers who are in the early stages of their careers. They offer training, career advice, mentoring and networking opportunities, and provide information regarding training and funding opportunities.

    UCL Grand Challenges

    UCL Grand Challenges brings researchers together from across UCL to set the agenda for future research while building bridges with external partners.

    UCL researcher networks and societies

    UCL's researcher networks and societies offer opportunities to share, learn and exchange ideas across departments, disciplines and communities.

    Business, public and third-sector partnerships

    Find new partners, build a strategic collaboration and manage an ongoing relationship with support from the UCL Innovation & Enterprise Business and Innovation Partnerships team.

    Business & Innovation Group

    Part of the Translational Research Office, the Business & Innovation Group (B&IG) initiates collaborations between UCL academics and healthcare or pharmaceutical stakeholders to enhance the translation of biomedical research.

    Cancer Research Partners and collaborations

    The Cancer Institute is uniquely positioned to exploit the interdisciplinary nature of UCL by engaging a wide range of disciplines – from engineering to physics, to population health sciences and nanoscience – to transform cancer research.


    UCLPartners (UCLP) are a partnership of world-leading academic and clinical research centres, NHS organisations, industry, patients and others.

    UCL Global Engagement

    The Global Engagement team helps to put UCL's knowledge and ideas to work in the world. They use their expertise to facilitate and strengthen new and existing collaborations, driven by the belief that with the right mix of minds, anything is possible.

    European Research & Innovation Office

    The European Research & Innovation Office (ERIO) provide a range of professional services to the UCL community and international collaborators, particularly in relation to the Horizon Europe funding programme for research and innovation.

    UCL Public Policy 

    The Public Policy team is UCL’s institutional initiative to support engagement between academic researchers and public policy professionals. They provide support, advice and guidance to enable effective academic-policy engagement and develop strategic partnerships with policy stakeholders.

    Policy Impact Unit

    The Policy Impact Unit (PIU), based within the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP), is a team of professional policy intermediaries who collaborate with researchers across UCL to design bespoke policy engagement strategies and activities.

    Association of Research Managers and Administrators

    The Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) is the UK’s professional association for research leadership, management and administration. ARMA focus on creating opportunities for its members to develop their professional skills and play their part in creating a positive and dynamic research culture.

    Biomedical Research Centre support

    UCLH Biomedical Research Centre

    The UCLH Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) is a partnership between University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and UCL.

    Clinical researchers can access a range of support and guidance from the UCLH BRC research support centre.

    Join an innovation network

    Therapeutic Innovation Networks

    UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) can help bring your therapeutic interventions to the clinic. They bring together researchers and industry experts around a therapeutic modality to accelerate the translation of research from bench to bedside.

    Create an innovation network

    Innovation networks can help you to build communities and partnerships to solve common industrial and technological challenges. UCL staff can apply for funding to set up an innovation network through UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

    Join a staff network

    UCL's staff networks offer opportunities to network with colleagues in other departments or faculties. 

     Join a Community of Practice

    UCL Communities of Practice (CoPs) bring together groups of staff from across UCL who work in similar practice areas or perform similar functions. CoPs help staff build networks, share knowledge and resources, and break down silos. They can also help you to gain new skills to aid your career progression.

    UCL Coding Communities

    There are nine UCL-wide communities that meet regularly to exchange skills and develop new collaborations for research.