Research and Innovation Services


UCL Institutional Information

Institution Name:University College London
Animal Welfare Assurance Number(s):A5015-01
Department of Education (UK) ID:80-452
DUNS Number:225410919
Employer ID Number (EIN)98-0205594
Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number:GB524371168000 or XI524371168000 (If you’re moving goods to or from Northern Ireland)
EU Horizon 2020 PIC (Participant Identity Code)999975620
ESA Bidder code:6000003124
ESA Vendor code:1000000616 
Federal Wide Assurance/Human Subject Assurance Number(s):FWA00003159
HMRC registration number: X6243
IPF Code :3527409
NAICS Number:611310
SAM UEI (to replace DUNS Number for US Federal funding applications from April 2022:KSBTBM8584V1
UCL Company Registration Number:RC000631
UNGM Vendor ID numberUNGM #381135
VAT Number (Effective date 1 February 1991):GB 524 3711 68
If you want to register for eRA-Commons in order to make an application to the NIH please email:researchservices@ucl.ac.uk
SAM Registration Expiry Date21 September 2022