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Seven stories from the UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences were chosen by the UCL community to represent the best of UCL as part of its #MadeAtUCL campaign.

The campaign highlights 100 stories showing how UCL works to improve lives and communities and create real-world impact.  These stories celebrate how we have been touching lives across the fields of health, technology, culture, the environment, communities, and justice and equality through our ground-breaking research and discoveries.


health couple
Antiretroviral treatment prevents sexual transmission of HIV

People on HIV treatment 'ART', where the virus is at undetectable levels, are “sexually non-infectious”, finds a landmark study led by Prof Alison Rodger. This will have a strong impact on people with HIV and help address HIV-related stigma.


health mum
First UK surgery in womb for babies with spina bifida

A team from University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has operated on the abnormally developed spinal cords of two babies in the womb, in a UK medical first.



health neotree
UCL co-creates app that will improve newborn care globally

Around 2.5 million children die annually in their first month of life. To address this, UCL co-created Neotree – an app for all healthcare workers, producing a suggested diagnosis and management plan according to national neonatal guidelines.



cheerful friends
HeLP-Diabetes: online self-management programme for type 2 diabetes

An online tool developed at UCL has been helping people with diabetes manage their own health with easily accessible evidence-based information and support. 


cigarette packet
Cancer prevention through smoking cessation

A UCL-led project has been informing policy makers for over a decade on the best ways to reduce the prevalence of smoking - the single biggest preventable cause of cancer.


professor usha menon
Early screening for bowel and ovarian cancers

One of the top challenges in tackling cancer is catching it early enough to carry out effective treatment. Two UCL research groups are working to improve cancer screening programmes to benefit thousands more people.


World-leading survey shapes sexual health policy

One of the world’s largest, most detailed studies of sexual behaviour has been informing health policy and modernising public dialogues around sex for over 30 years. 


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