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We bring together seven institutes whose common aim is to explore the underlying factors that cause ill-health and innovate to improve health worldwide.

Welcome from the Dean

Professor Graham Hart, Dean of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences

We know that rapid economic and social changes across the world are highlighting the multiple influences on people's health.

Simultaneously, advances in gene technology and data sciences are giving us the ability to understand patterns of health and disease across populations to an extent impossible previously. Gross inequalities in health within and between the countries of the world mean there is plenty of scope for action, and researchers and practitioners in this field are motivated by a deep desire to tackle preventable – and therefore unfair – disparities in the distribution of ill-health.

We study the patterns of health and disease across societies, and act to protect, promote and improve people's health across the life course. Our focus is on impact, and how our work can be applied outside the health sector – in our natural and built environments, our societies and our economies. The breadth of our work reflects the increasing diversity of our populations and their needs and our aim is to improve health equity wherever they are in the world.

Whether you are visiting our website as a potential student, researcher or partner, we hope you enjoy finding out more about our work.

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Professor Graham Hart
Dean, UCL Population Health Sciences

Contact: fphs.pa@ucl.ac.uk

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