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Law and Courts Cluster

The Centre on Law and Courts is a new research cluster at UCL’s Department of Political Science. It focuses on promoting research collaboration at the intersection of law and politics and aims to contribute evidence-based answers to questions of judicial policy both in the UK and at the international level.



    Our team consists of the Political Science Department's members of staff and PhD students interested in topics at the intersection of law and politics.


    Veronika Fikfak

    Veronika smiles into the camera, the background shows a grey concrete wall

    Associate Professor in International Law

    Michal Ovadek

    Dr Michal Ovadek smiling at the camera against a green background.

    Lecturer in European Institutions, Politics and Policy

    Fergus Green

    Fergus smiles into the camera

    Lecturer in Political Theory & Public Policy

    Ben Lauderdale


    Head of Department and Professor of Political Science 

    Tom Pegram

    Tom P

    Associate Professor in Global Governance

    Lauge Poulsen

    Lauge Poulsen

    Professor of International Relations and Law

    Luis Schenoni


    Lecturer in International Relations

    Andrew Scott

    andrew scott

    Lecturer (Teaching) in Public Policy

    Judith Spirig


    Lecturer in Political Science

    Yilin Su


    Ph.D. student at the UCL Department of Political Science

    Lisa Vanhala

    Lisa smiles into the camera

    Professor of Political Science


    Our members conduct research on a variety of law and courts topics ranging from judicial behaviour to human rights and international law.

    Selected Publications