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World Economic Forum recognises Dr Mine Orlu for her contribution to cutting edge research

24 June 2020

The World Economic Forum announces its Class of 2020 Young Scientists, representing 25 exceptional researchers at the forefront of scientific discovery, including Dr. Mine Orlu from the UCL School of Pharmacy.

The World Economic Forum honours 25 exceptional academics, aged 40 and under, in recognition of their contribution to cutting edge research from 14 countries across the world.

Dr Mine Orlu

Dr. Mine Orlu from the UCL School of Pharmacy is one of the leading researchers awarded by the World Economic Forum for her work on designing patient-tailored pharmaceutical and healthcare technologies that contribute to healthy and independent ageing across the course of life. 

Dr Mine Orlu statedd “I'm honoured to be part of the World Economic Forum's prestigious Young Scientist Class of 2020. This recognition of my contribution to research has boosted my commitment to society and to work on global challenges, in particular developing healthcare solutions for the ageing population. I believe diversity triggers innovation and I very much look forward to engaging with World Economic Forum`s cohort of cross-disciplinary Young Scientists. I'm also delighted that more than half of this year's WEF Young Scientists are women and I very much hope that we will continue inspiring young researchers and witness more success stories of women scientists.”

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Dr Mine Orlu