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Prof Mine Orlu

Prof Mine Orlu

Professor of Pharmaceutics


UCL School of Pharmacy

Joined UCL
1st Jan 2012

Research summary

Mine is an expert in patient centric medicine development. Her research focuses on designing advanced drug delivery systems for special patient groups. She has published 100 papers and 4 book chapters. She established CelebrAGE: Celebrating Ageing Innovation Network and took role in significant public engagement activities (Soapbox Science sessions; Tomorrow`s Home: Visions of Home-based Healthcare).

Her research group`s work follows four lines of research:

1.    Novel applications of emerging engineering and digital health technologies for personalised treatments, diagnosis and monitoring: Prof Orlu`s research group utilise a cross-disciplinary approach by bringing the scientific advancements of healthcare engineering into pharmaceutics.

2.    Age-related medicine design and use: Mine`s research team aims to customise medicine design for older patients. The premise of the work is that physiological and functional age should be factored into the development of advanced drug delivery systems. He team exploits pharmaceutical sciences to improve the therapeutic outcomes and adherence of older people to their prescribed medicine.

3.    Targeted oral drug delivery systems for special populations: Mine`s research brings novel understanding to the personalised formulation design by factoring in the physiological and/or drug administration related differences among patient groups.

4.    Drug repurposing: Her research team`s approach into patient centric pharmaceutical design is utilised in translational science to reformulate and optimise the oral bioavailability of repurposed drugs.

Prof Orlu`s research team`s ongoing projects include:

•The application of machine learning techniques to predict the food effect on oral drug absorption (in collaboration with Prof Abdul Basit, UCL SoP)

•The interplay between the drug and special populations` age, sex and gut microbiota (as part of COLOTAN: Boosting advanced doctoral training in innovative colon targeting drugs)

•The utilisation of electrospinning to develop combined therapies for overcoming the challenge of polypharmacy and optimising the multiple drug release profile (in collaboration with Prof Gareth Williams, UCL SoP)

•Lab-on-an-App: AI empowered point-of-care diagnostics for ageing population (in collaboration with Prof Miguel Rodrigues, UCL EEE)

•Exploration of NAD+ boosters` efficacy following reformulation in treating mitochondrial disease (in collaboration with Dr Rob Pitceathly, UCL IoN)

Teaching summary

Prof Orlu is MSc Pharmaceutics Programme Director and Inter-Professional Education Strategy Group Chair at UCL School of Pharmacy.

Mine teaches across all years of MPharm Programme and on MSc programmes in the Pharmaceutics area. She contributes teaching in the form of lectures, workshops, tutorials and lab classes. She leads MPharm Programme module `Tailoring therapy to the individual` and MSc Programme modules `Personalised medicines` and `Research project`.

She is member of the UCL School of Pharmacy`s Teaching Innovation Committee and take significant role in the School`s innovation and technology-led learning practices (MPharm Programme Integrated Therapeutics (wiki) module).

She supervised / co-supervised 11 PhD, 40 MSc, 2 MRes, 19 MPharm students who successfully completed their research projects.


Higher Education Academy
Other qualification, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy |
Advance HE
Other qualification, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy |
University of London
Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education | 2013
Istanbul University
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2008
Istanbul University
Other higher degree, Master of Science | 2003
Istanbul University
First Degree, Lisans Diplomasi (Bachelor Degree) | 2001


Mine received an MPharm degree from the Istanbul University in 2001. She received her MSc on the subject of colon targeted microspheres in 2003, followed by a PhD about fluorescent labelled nanoparticles and their interaction with lung cells in 2008 from Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy. During her PhD studies, she held a one year visiting scientist post at King`s College London funded by the EU Marie Curie EST programme and received GALENOS Euro-PhD in Advanced Drug Delivery. Mine took up two post-doctoral positions in University of London, The School of Pharmacy – firstly, in Prof Oya Alpar`s research group in 2008 and secondly, in Prof Catherine Tuleu`s research group from 2009 to 2012. She was appointed as Lecturer in October 2012 and Associate Professor in October 2018 at UCL School of Pharmacy. Mine is currently Professor of Pharmaceutics and Co-Chair of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at UCL School of Pharmacy. She has set up and chairs the School`s mentoring scheme. Mine is member of the (i) UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering’s Translation & Industry Delivery Group (ii) UCL Repurposing Therapeutic Innovation Network.

Mine is one of the World Economic Forum (WEF)'s Young Scientists (Class of 2020). She co-led the Understanding the Gastrointestinal Absorption-related Processes (UNGAP) COST Action CA16205-Working Group 1 Special Populations. Mine is Editorial Board Member of Pharmaceutics Journal and Guest Associate Editor of Frontiers in Drug Delivery Journal`s Specialty Section Oral Drug Delivery. She is member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Industrial Pharmacy Advisory Group.