UCL School of Pharmacy


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The UCL School of Pharmacy was awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze award in 2014 and this will be valid until 2022.

Diversity in the workplace is all about promoting variety within the workforce and recognising the wealth of advantages that these differences bring; such differences may include gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, neurodiversity and socioeconomic class, acknowledging that these areas intersect. 

What the term ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)’ may mean to each of us individually will inevitably vary to some extent. However, we can agree that our key activities - education, research and outreach/public engagement - require diverse and innovative thinking to thrive and reach its full societal impact.

Such thinking involves collaboration with a wide range of individuals with different experiences, skills and insights and that in turn requires an environment where we recognise the pivotal need to ensure not just the principles of EDI but also, and very importantly, a sense of belonging that is shared by all.

At the UCL School of Pharmacy, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion  Committee (EDIC) responsibilities are to: 

  • ensure an inclusive and supportive successful learning and working environment for all staff and students
  • proactively build and sustain a culture within the School that encompass the experiences and identities of every student and staff member.

Next steps: Athena Swan Silver Award

The award was in recognition of its commitment to advancing equality, diversity and careers. Our motto is "Opportunities Without Bias". The division is currently working towards its next goal of a Silver award.

Our aim is to sustain structural and cultural changes that advance gender equality and other intersectional factors, to combat the underrepresentation of women, and to advance their careers in pharmacy science research and academia in order to remain competitive and attractive to talented diverse staff and students in a global market.

Photo below: UCL School of Pharmacy staff members at the IMD November 2020 photo shoot.

School of Pharmacy staff and students meeting for International Men's Day

Photo below: UCL School of Pharmacy staff members at the IWD March 2020 photo shoot.

UCL School of Pharmacy staff and students gathering for International Women's Day

The next step is to apply for the Silver award which aims to seal the commitment and action from all levels of the organisation, in order to promote equal career development and progression opportunities for all, for academic, professional and support staff at any stage in their career, and to protect a healthy work-life balance for all. We are also committed to foster a positive cultural climate where staff and students alike can flourish.

Staff can keep updated by visiting our dedicated Athena Swan at Pharmacy area on our staff intranet.