UCL School of Pharmacy


Mission statement

The UCL School of Pharmacy aims to become a positive force for change in pharmaceutical healthcare provision.

Our aim is to create positive change in pharmaceutical healthcare provision via the generation of successful and well-rounded graduates, the dissemination of impactful research of the highest quality and the provision of leadership within the profession of pharmacy, both nationally and internationally. 

We will achieve this aim by recruiting and retaining staff of the highest quality and by providing a respectful and supportive working environment where all involved are able to flourish and to contribute positively to the mission of the School.

Key strategic goals

  • Attract and retain a talented, mutually respectful and dedicated staff body with each member having a clear understanding of their role in realising the mission of the School
  • Sustainably and consistently generate and disseminate research of the highest international quality with real potential for healthcare benefit
  • Develop a transparent and sustainable management system that provides both operational and strategic leadership, facilitates staff development and involvement and encourages innovation and flexibility in a constantly changing external environment
  • Maintain and continuously improve the physical environment so as to allow staff to pursue the strategic goals required to fulfil the mission of the School
  • Provide of the highest quality education for all who are studying at or via the School, not only in terms of building skills and knowledge but also in terms of personal development and understanding of the potential for societal contribution
  • Develop a series of sustainable partnerships, including internally within UCL as well as at the national and international level, that facilitate the realisation of the mission of the School
  • Provide a substantive contribution the management of pharmaceutical healthcare provision within the UK via active participation in external bodies dedicated to the promotion of healthcare and wellbeing
  • Provide a significant leadership contribution to international healthcare via educational activities in partner countries and the development of active and beneficial relationships with organisations dedicated to healthcare improvement