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Ada-Rapaport Albert Seminar Series on Hasidic Yiddish

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The Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish research group at University College London and the UCL Institute of Jewish Studies are delighted to announce the launch of an online seminar series on Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish language. The seminar series is dedicated to the memory of UCL Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert, a world-leading scholar of the history of the Hasidic movement. The series is devoted to the exploration of all facets of contemporary and historical Hasidic Yiddish worldwide. After an inaugural round-table discussion on 'Perspectives on Hasidic Yiddish Language' we start our year-long series with monthly academic lectures held online at 6pm (UK local time) on the first (or sometimes second) Tuesday of every month. For enquiries, please write to hasidic.yiddish@ucl.ac.uk.


The seminar series will take place online. For security purposes, an Eventbrite link will be provided for registration ahead of each session.  

4 Aug 2020 Inaugural round table on 'Perspectives on Hasidic Yiddish language' with 

  • Khayele (Helen) Beer, UCL
  • Meyer Labin, Yiddish writer and journalist
  • Tali Loewenthal, UCL
  • Heather Munro, Durham University
  • Naomi Seidman, University of Toronto

Recording available upon request to hasidic.yiddish@ucl.ac.uk.


13 October 2020        Dalit Assouline, University of Haifa 

Heritage Hasidic Yiddish in Israel  

Registration link


3 November 2020        Eli Rubin, UCL 

                                    Yiddish and the imbrications of language in Habad Hasidism 


1 December 2020        Tali Loewenthal, UCL 

                                    Yiddish in London Habad schools (talk in Yiddish, with English subtitles) 


12 January 2021          Isaac L. Bleaman, UC Berkeley 

                                    Attitudes toward change in a maintained language: Yiddish in New York 


2 February 2021          Wojciech Tworek, University of Wrocław 

 The Rise of Hasidic Yiddish theatre 


2 March 2021               Chaya Nove, CUNY 

                                       Language variation and Hasidic orientation in New York 


6 April 2021                 Avi Blitz, Indiana University  

                                    The Tsene-rene: Hasidic Versions 


4 May 2021                  Ayala Fader, Fordham University  

                                    Title TBC 


1 June 2021                 Eli Benedict, UCL and Yung Yidish 

                                    Yiddish among ex-Hasidim 


6 July 2021                   Steffen Krogh, Aarhus University  

                                            Is Haredi Satmar Yiddish a Creole? 


TBC                              Shmuel Hiley, Yiddish author and scholar 

                                     Title TBC