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PALS Divisional Subject Pool

PLEASE NOTE: The SONA Administrator only works one day per week so requests can take some time to process.

Participating in studies

In order to recruit participants to take part in paid psychological research, the UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences operates an online subject pool. Researchers from the many diverse areas represented in Division post their experiments on this site for participants to browse. Once they have found a study that interests them, participants can sign up for a suitable timeslot. 

Creating a Participant Account

If you are interested in earning money in your free time and helping to further current knowledge about the functioning of the human brain, all you need to do is go online and sign up as a participant. You will then have access to a database of available experiments, including details of what you will be required to do, how long for, and how much you will earn.

You can request a participant account by visiting http://uclpsychology.sona-systems.com. You must read the rules carefully before signing up to the Subject Pool. Once you receive your password, please login to your account and complete the Pre-screen Survey. We ask that you register online and complete the Pre-screen Survey as soon as possible. After you have your account details, you can log in at any time and sign up to experiments posted on the site.

Download the system rules and regulations (PDF)


Research Topics

The Divisional Subject Pool advertises a range of studies examining topics such as decision making, attention, memory, emotion perception, and cognitive processes. You may be asked to complete a variety of activities during a test session, for instance:

- Filling in questionnaires

- Watching videos

- Listening to music

- Participating in interviews

- Completing computer-based tasks and games

The Subject Pool is covered by the Data Protection Act and all experiments have UCL Ethics Committee approval, such that all data collected is confidential and you are free to stop participating at any time in an experiment without explanation.

Subject Pool Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Subject Pool Demonstrator.