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Our world-class research is characterised by a tight integration of theoretical and experimental work spanning the full width of the linguistic enterprise and forms the bedrock of the department’s eminent reputation, which is also reflected in other markers of excellence, such as its editorial involvement with top journals in the field.

Modern linguistics develops theoretical models of the language faculty, the uniquely human ability to acquire and use language. Such models are informed by many types of evidence, including native speaker intuitions, patterns of language variation and data from psycholinguistic experimentation. Properties of the language faculty that linguists aim to model range from core grammatical knowledge to the interpretation of utterances in context, and from the normal development of language to its impairments in various populations.

Every member of our 16-strong team of full-time staff contributes to our teaching programmes, so studying linguistics at UCL, whether at undergraduate or graduate level, is guaranteed to bring you into contact with cutting edge research.

To coincide with Black History Month, BA Linguistics alumna Denise Amankwah, UCL phonologist John Harris and Geoff Lindsey have created the video 'Voices of Freedom', which explores how Africans’ resistance to slavery shaped language in the New World.  Take a look at this extraordinary piece of work here:

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