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Linguistics Events

The department regularly hosts invited talks. These normally take place fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons, starting at 15.00 and finishing around 16.00.

If you would like to be informed of up-coming talks and other linguistics events at UCL, please subscribe to the linguistics events mailing list (UCL network only). To subscribe from outside of the UCL network plesae email Richard Jardine.

For enquiries, please contact Richard Jardine

Other Linguistics Events


LingLunch provides an opportunity for staff, students, and visitors to present work in progress or practice talks in a friendly atmosphere. Normally every other week on Wednesday afternoons during term time.
Ada Rapaport-Albert Seminar Series on Hasidic YiddishThe Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish research group at University College London and the UCL Institute of Jewish Studies are delighted to announce the launch of an online seminar series on Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish language. The seminar series is dedicated to the memory of UCL Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert, a world-leading scholar of the history of the Hasidic movement. The series is devoted to the exploration of all facets of contemporary and historical Hasidic Yiddish worldwide. After an inaugural round-table discussion on 'Perspectives on Hasidic Yiddish Language' we start our year-long series with monthly academic lectures held online at 6pm (UK local time) on the first (or sometimes second) Tuesday of every month. For enquiries, please write to hasidic.yiddish@ucl.ac.uk.
NYTUD-UCL Yiddish Reading Group 5781Yiddish was the language spoken traditionally by Central European (i.e. Ashkenazi) Jews. It is a West Germanic language with a considerable Hebrew and Aramaic, and in some of its dialects a Slavic component. Yiddish has written records spanning 800 years and has been well studied. In monthly sessions throughout the 2020/21 academic year, i.e. the year 5781 according to the Hebrew calendar, we will explore existing linguistic work on Yiddish, concentrating on work on Yiddish syntax.
Syntax Reading GroupThe Syntax Reading Group normally meet on Wednesday afternoons during term time
Graduate Seminar Series on PragmaticsThe Pragmatics Graduate Seminars are normally on Wednesday afternoons during term time
Phonology Reading GroupThe Phonology Reading Group normally meet every other Tuesday afternoon during term time
London Phonology SeminarThe London Phonology Seminar is attended by staff and graduate students from several institutes in the London area, mainly UCL and SOAS, as well as by international visitors. Meetings take place fortnightly during term time, and occasionally outside of term.
Advanced Core Training in Linguistics (ACTL)ACTL is a graduate school in theoretical linguistics. We organise and coordinate a generic training program for PhD students in Linguistics.
Semantics Research SeminarThis seminar is a PhD-level research seminar course on the intersection of natural language semantics and philosophy of language. It meets weekly during Term 2 at UCL. This seminar is supported by the LAHP Interdisciplinary and X-Institutional Training Fund. The main target audience of the seminar is PhD students, as well as staff, interested in linguistics, philosophy of language and related areas who are based at the partner institutions of the London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP), including the Associate Members (Queen Mary University of London and London School of Economics). It is also open to advanced MA students.