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Artemis Bogdou

Artemis Bogdou

Artemis is a PhD Candidate at University College London (UCL). Her research lies between the domains of psychology and entrepreneurship. Specifically, Artemis is interested in proactivity as a behavioural syndrome and for this reason she is evaluating through a Randomised Control Trial the impact of a psychology-based training (personal initiative) on entrepreneurial outcomes. Currently, Artemis is leading the content development and is part of the evaluation of a psychology-based entrepreneurship training for self-employed in Germany, in collaboration with the University of Kassel. Her research work is mainly funded by move Entrepreneurship Training Institute on projects under the World Bank's auspices.

Previously, she was a Lecturer of Research Methods in Psychology at Metropolitan College in Greece and a Teaching Assistant of Marching Learning for Behavioural Analytics and Interaction Design at UCL. Apart from research, Artemis works as a scientific consultant and international trainer for governmental bodies and international organisations (International Finance Corporation, World Bank)