UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


UCL Unit for Stigma Research (UCLUS)




UCLUS was formally launched in February 2018.

We are grateful for support by the Wellcome Trust [Grant 210670/Z/18/Z].

UCLUS was established as a new hub for innovation in research and theory production in the stigma field and to build capacity for high quality research in this field. We cross traditional boundaries between stigmatised conditions and disciplines, with a particular focus on stigma associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health problems, and ageing. Co-production with users and potential beneficiaries of research is at the heart of everything we do. Our current research falls into three broad areas:


Research on Intellectual Disability Stigma

Our research aims to advance our understanding of intellectual disability stigma and of effective ways to challenge such stigma.

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Research on Mental Health, Stigma and Disclosure

Our research focuses on disclosure of mental health problems and of dementia as routes to reducing stress and distress resulting from a perceived need for secrecy as well as challenging stigma. 


Research on Dementia, Stigma and Disclosure

Our research focusses on the complexities of telling others about a diagnosis of dementia.