UCL Psychology and Language Sciences



UCLUS Director

Katrina Scior, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Stigma Studies

Katrina Scior

UCLUS Deputy Director, Lead for Research on Dementia-related stigma

Dr Georgina Charlesworth, Associate Professor

Picture of Georgina


UCLUS Post-graduate Student Lead

Dr Jem Bhatt, DClinPsych Student

Image of Dr Jem Bhatt

Dr Henry Clements, Associate Professor (Teaching), UCL DClinPsy

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Dr Aseel Hamid, Senior Research Fellow (Honorary) 

Aseel Hamid




Gianna Kohl, PhD Candidate


Konenica Ali, Trainee Clinical Psychologist  

Photo of Konnie

Louisa Robinson, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

Picture of Louisa

Matthew Maclure, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

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Jemma Greenhalgh, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

Picture of Jemma

Natasha Kumar, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

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Ayaat Ati, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

Picture of Ayaat

Rachel Slavny-Cross, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

Picture of Rachel

Kyriana Georgiou Delisle, Trainee Clinical Psychologist 

Photo of Kyriana

Paria Partovi, PhD Candidate

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UCLUS Alumni

Dr Natalie Kemp, Lived Experience Consultant

Photo of Natalie

Claire Hackford, DClinPsy Student

Photo of Claire

Nikos Sarras, DClinPsy Student

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Sonam Patel, DClinPsy Student

Picture of Sonam

Rachel Ransley, DClinPsy Student

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Alexandra Lomas, DClinPsy Student

Picture of Alexandra

Jemma Ambrose, DClinPsy Student

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Njinga Kankinza, DClinPsy Student

Picture of Njinga

Douglas Hobson, DClinPsy Student

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Dr Afia Ali, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Dr Sandra Baum, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Patrick Corrigan, Illinois Institute of Technology & National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment (USA)

Dr Jason Crabtree, Tower Hamlets Learning Disability Service

Dr Sophie Doswell, Barnet Learning Disabilities Service

Professor Angela Hassiotis, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Professor Richard Hastings, Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal & Research, University of Warwick

Professor Paul Higgs, Division of Psychiatry, UCL

Professor Andrew Jahoda, Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow

Dr Maria Kett, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre

Professor Nicolas Rüsch, Sektion Public Mental Health, University of Ulm

Dr Shirli Werner, Paul Baerwald School of Social Work, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel