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Research on Physical Health Stigma

Current Projects

Experiences of stigma among people with type 1 diabetes

Lead: Nick Oliver (Imperial College London), Katrina Scior (Co-Instigator)

Diabetes stigma can have serious effects on people with diabetes’ physical and mental health. This study looks at the causes of type 1 diabetes stigma, explores how many people in the UK experience it and the impact it can have. Understanding the roots of type 1 diabetes stigma and how it evolves over time, could help to develop novel ways to manage or tackle it. Funded by Diabetes UK.

12HourWalk for People with Stomas

Leads: Louisa Robinson & Matthew Maclure

This study aims to investigate the impact of a wellbeing initiative, #12HourWalk, on people who have recently had a stoma fitted. Stomas can be associated with shame and self-stigma and those affected often experience lower self-esteem, reduced self-efficacy and a 'why try' effect. The benefits of walking outdoors are well established, including on mental wellbeing. The initiative #12HourWalk was conceived by US adventurer Colin O'Brady in 2022 to shift individuals from an 'I can't' to an 'I can' mindset. This study will investigate whether participation in a #12HourWalk can result in increased self-esteem and self-efficacy and reduced self-stigma and shame. We aim to use both qualitative and quantitative methods, including ethnographic approaches (i.e. participants’ reflections, photographs/videos while completing the walk). The study is a collaboration with Colostomy UK who will assist with co-production of the study design, recruitment of participants and dissemination.