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The Anxiety, Self-Image and Mood (AIM) Lab is a research group at University College London, and is led jointly by Argyris Stringaris and Georgina Krebs.

We study the phenomenology, mechanisms and treatment of emotional disorders in young people, with a special focus on depression, body dysmorphic disorder and social anxiety disorder. These are disabling problems that typically develop during adolescence, and often co-occur. The overarching aim of our research is to better understand the processes underpinning these conditions. Some of the processes may underlie more than one type of problems, i.e. be transdiagnostic. Ultimately, our goal is to improve treatments and learn enough in order to personalise treatments.

We draw on a range of methods including experimental, neuro-computational, epidemiological and behavioural genetic approaches.

In addition to conducting research, we carry out clinical work through the AIM Clinic, which is an NHS service that sits within UCL’s University Clinic. Our goal is for our clinical work to inform our research, and vice versa.