Institute of Nuclear Medicine


Medical physics

Prof. Kris Thielemans and Prof. Brian Hutton

The UCL Medical Physics Group undertakes basic research related to Nuclear Medicine and Multimodality Imaging.

This currently encompasses a range of projects including design of novel SPECT systems, development of new reconstruction algorithms and development of image analysis techniques that aim to reduce artefacts and improve quantification.

  • The group is largely dependent on external funding through grants (EPSRC, EC, BRC) and industrial collaboration (Siemens, GE, GSK, National Physical Laboratory).
  • The group has joint research projects with the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing with several individuals there now working on Nuclear Medicine related projects (along with Professor Simon Arridge).
  • The group attracts many visiting scientists.
  • Regular INM Physics seminars are organised, open to scientists in the London region.

The INM Physics Research Team, December 2019.


Further information about medical physics research at INM


Schematic of SPECT insert for a preclinical SPECT/MRI system. Similar modules will be used in designing a system for brain SPECT which can be used as an insert to MRI or as a standalone mobile system.