Institute of Nuclear Medicine



The Institute of Nuclear Medicine (INM) celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011 allowing us plenty of time to develop our own Philosophy. An Autonomous Academic Imaging Department totally integrated with the Hospital, where patient care goes hand in hand with academic delivery. Our Web pages reflect this, and the roles of Clinical and Academic teams are blurred as we are clear of the need to perform greater than the sum of our individual parts. Research nonetheless is at the core of the department and academic spirit and collaboration are recognised as essential components in the pursuit of knowledge. We aim to promote research in all we do and create the environment for it to flourish.

INM is delighted to be part of UCL and celebrates its long academic history. Our Department is firmly embedded in both UCL's Division of Medicine and our Hospital's Biomedical Research Centre, where we have deep commitment to deliver Experimental Medicine research via pursuit of Excellence in Molecular Imaging to our community.