Moveable Type


2016-17: Metropolis (Volume IX)

CW - Cityscape (Metropolis Page Image)

The 2016-17 edition of Moveable Type - 'Metropolis' - features a selection of academic and creative reinterpretations of the city. This issue opens with Quyen Nguyen's reading of the 'Textual City' in Joyce's Ulysses, before Michael Docherty guides us through the cityscapes of Socio-Spatial Mobility and African Popular Song. Francesca Froy subsequently brings an architectural perspective to Moveable Type in her exploration of railway-arches in contemporary London. In addition to these diverse studies of metropolitan life, Moveable Type is also pleased to publish poetry by Ralf Webb, Erik Noonan, and Karen Joan Kohoutek. From either side of the Atlantic, these three poets offer up a series of reimagined cities that emphasis the power of the metropolis to both isolate the individual and to act as a remorseless conduit for (uncomfortably) close encounters.

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Quyen Nguyen - 'Dublin What Place Was It': Making Sense of the Textual City in Ulysses 

Michael Docherty - 'Please Let Me Off This Bus': Socio-Spatial Mobility in Mid-Century Automotive Cities and African American Popular Song

Francesca Froy - Railway Arches: A Refuge for London Businesses in the Context of Rising Property Prices


Ralf Webb - Selected Poetry

Erik Noonan - Necropolitan

Karen Jane Kohoutek - Masque: Chicago