Moveable Type


2015-16: Dissidence (Volume VIII)


The 2014-16 edition of Moveable Type, covering two years of activity in the department, features the cream of proceedings from both 2014's graduate conference, Transformations, and the 2015 conference, Dissidence. It also includes a contribution from innovative publishers Test Centre, some found poetry and an interview with Philip Horne. The issue closes with a commemorative word on two late titans of UCL English, Karl Miller and Dan Jacobson. Its editors were David Anderson, Simon Hammond, Charlotte Jones and Elizabeth Mills.

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Front Matter

Editorial and Note on Contributors


Scarlett Baron - Dissidence, Compromise and Submission in Higher Education Today

David Anderson - Patrick Keiller, 'Stonebridge Park' and 'the subjective transformation of space'

Elsa Court - Off the Beaten Track: Jack Kerouac on Robert Frank

Rachel Murray - 'Unexpected Fruit': The Ingredients of Tarr

Jess Chandler - 'Accidental Archaeology': The Resurrected Texts of Iain Sinclair and Derek Jarman

Interview / Poetry / Obituary

Leo Robson - 'A Very Long List of Things I'm Not Doing': An Interview with Philip Horne

Anonymous - 'Self-Portrait in a John Ashbery Book"

Simon Hammond - 'Grumping Away Quite Happily': Karl Miller and Dan Jacobson at UCL