Moveable Type


2008-9: Mess (Volume V)


Issue 5 of Moveable Type featured papers from the seventh annual UCL English Graduate Conference, 'Mess', held in Senate House's Institute of English Studies in March 2009. The journal itself was edited by Matthew Ingleby, with Michael Bintley acting as associate editor. Staff editors were Louise Curran, Anna Von Lopik and Michael McCluskey. The editorial advisory board included Mark Ford, Eric Langley, Susan Irvine and Michael Sayeau, as well as Shulamith Behr of the Courthauld Institute and Rebecca Ross of Central St Martin's.

The articles and reviews included in Mess are available in PDF format through the links below. Thanks to Tate Images and Brown University's Modernist Magazines project for allowing us to use their images in David Trotter's article.

Front Matter

Matthew Ingleby - Editorial


David Trotter - Modernist Toilette: Degas, Woolf, Lawrence

Mina Gorji - John Clare and the Poetics of Mess

Paul Stanbridge - The Messy Making Of David Jones's Anathemata

Jacob Paskins - Vague Terrain: Bidonvilles, Run-Down Housing, and the Stigmatisation of (Sub)urban Space In and Around Paris in the 1960s

Daniel Starza-Smith - 'another part rotten, another gnawed by rats…': Tidying Up the Conway Papers

Clare O'Dowd - Kurt Schwitters's Merzbau: Chaos, Compulsion and Creativity


James Cahill - Anish Kapoor, Royal Academy, September-December 2009

Michael Bintley - R.D. Fulk, Robert E. Bjork and John D. Niles, Klaeber's Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg