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On this page you can find a record of all the Moveable Type podcast episodes that are currently available online via UCL Minds, Spotify, Apple Play and SoundCloud.

Episode 2

In this first episode of 2022, host Roxana Toloza Chacon talks to Emma Cavell, Daniel Lewis, Joshua Lok, and Jake Wiseman, four PhD students from the UCL English Department, to discuss Muriel Spark’s crusade against ‘received wisdom’, the anxieties of Biblical translation, and going beyond ‘literature in English’. We’ll also meet the team behind the Moveable Type podcast and hear from Editor-in-Chief Sarah Edwards about the journal’s upcoming Call for Papers on the topic of ‘Unfeeling’ (deadline 22nd February).

Date of episode recording: 2022-01-14
Duration: 00:55:46
Language of episode: English
Presenter: Roxana Toloza Chacon
Guests: Will Burns, Emma Cavell, Anna De Vivo, Sarah Edwards, Daniel Lewis, Joshua Lok, Damian Walsh, Jake Wiseman
Producer: Damian Walsh
Sound Editor: Daniel Lewis
Music: O.G. Wilkins

Listen to the full episode here

The transcript for this episode can be found here

Episode 1

How do texts reflect their surrounding environment? How thin really is the boundary between word and the world, and what creative possibilities emerge when our 'eyes stray from the page'?


Join us to discuss 'Ambience', our latest issue of Moveable Type, featuring interviews with our editors, Q&As with this issue's article writers, poetry readings and 30-Second Book Reviews. This podcast is presented by William Burns and Damian Walsh. It features Sarah Edwards, Will Fleming, Sarah Chambre, Miriam Helmers, Zoe Rucker, Elisa Sabbadin, David Prescott-Steed and K.V.K. Kvas, and was produced by Hugo Chambre.


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You can read the 'Ambience' issue and access the transcript here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/moveable-type/ambience


Date of episode recording: 2021-10-19T00:00:00Z

Duration: 00:54:03

Language of episode: English

Presenter: William Burns; Damian Walsh

Guests: Sarah Edwards; Will Fleming; Sarah Chambre; Miriam Helmers; Zoe Rucker; Elisa Sabbadin; David Prescott-Steed; K.V.K. Kvas

Producer: Sarah Edwards 

Sound Editor: Hugo Chambre

Music by Oscar G Wilkins