Moveable Type


2009-10: Nightmare (Volume VI)


Issue 6 of Moveable Type featured papers from the eighth annual UCL English Graduate Conference, 'Nightmare', held in Senate House's Institute of English Studies in March 2010. It was edited by Rona Cran. The editorial advisory board was composed of Juliette Atkinson, Gregory Dart, Mark Ford, Eric Langley and Michael Sayeau.

The essays and reviews included in Nightmare are available, in PDF format, via the links below. Two films by Thomas Darby and Oliver Mezger, which were included in the original digital edition, are also accessible via external links.

Front Matter

Rona Cran - Editorial

A Note On Contributors


Lawrence Rainey - Women and Modernity: Dream or Nightmare? Skyscraper and Skyscraper Souls

Alistair Beddow - Manhattan Nightmares: John Dos Passos, Charles Sheeler and the Distortion of Urban Space

Joseph Crawford - 'Every Night, The Same Routine': Recurring Nightmares and the Repetition Compulsion in Gothic Fiction

Steven Gregg - Titus Andronicus and the Nightmares of Violence and Consumption

Eleanor Spencer - 'The mind's harmonic mappings': Dream States and Dreamscapes in the Poetry of Anne Stevenson


Michael McCluskey - Edmund de Waal, The Hare with Amber Eyes

B. D. Morgan - Jia Zhangke, I Wish I Knew


Thomas Darby - I've Got A Lover Way Over There https://vimeo.com/12979287

Oliver Mezger - The Curse - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7rtI4ANbF0