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Maternity/Paternity Award Scheme

The Division of Medicine is proud to support its students and staff who are parents or about to become parents.

Athena SWAN has an award scheme in place that supports staff and students about to go on, on or recently returned from parental leave, for example through  funding for maternity leave research support and training courses. To date it has disbursed nearly £90,000. The award is open to all staff, including professional, technical, and administrative staff, and the calls go out twice a year, in January and July.

Applications and any questions regarding this Award Scheme should be directed to DoM Athena Swan Lead, Dorota Rowczenio.
IMPORTANT: If you wish to request a salary for additional staff, please contact Rachel Pandian  for salary costs and information, i.e. salary, grade, and spine point, so that the appropriate costs can be calculated.

Maternity / Paternity Awards

In 2013, the Maternity/Paternity Fund award was set up and administered by the SAT team to support during maternity-related leave. It is available to all staff (ARS and PSS) and PhD students. The funds are allocated in addition to the usual maternity, paternity and adoption leave salary entitlement available to all eligible staff, and may cover consumables to continue a project; support so

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that the applicant can attend a conference or facilitate a keeping-in-touch (KIT) day; training to maintain or update skills; or short periods of salary for additional researcher time to keep a project moving in the interim.

Maternity / Paternity Awards 2016

Impact of Maternity / Paternity Awards 2016

Maternity /  Paternity Awards 2021

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