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Health and Safety

The Division of Medicine senior management is committed to promote, through active management of its hazards and activities, the safety, the health and welfare of all its staff, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public on the Division's premises and to protect them from any adverse effect on their health and safety arising from the activities of the Division.

We seek continual improvement of our safety systems through processes of measurement and review, in order to achieve or maintain best practice standards. The Safety Team provides safety advice to all staff, students and visitors on health and safety issues and works to maintain high safety and operational standards.

The following sections are a condensed version of certain topics in the Safety Handbook, to address the most common safety questions. Use the links below to find out more about our polices and be part of creating a safe work environment. 

Report and Accident or Incident

All incidents, accidents, near-misses and work-related ill health must be reported to the Line manager, Local Safety Officer and Divisional Safety Advisor. All reports must be made using the riskNET "Report an Incident" online tool.  Anyone can report the incident - individual, individual's manager, witness, first-aider. 

Report an incident

Safety Committee

The Safety Comittee meets every two months to discuss safety related issues. Please find the Terms of Reference below. 


The aim of the Committee is to provide a forum for discussing, overseeing and directing health and safety issues relevant to the Division, in particular:

1.            The adoption, implementation and monitoring of University and Divisional health & safety policies and arrangements.

2.            To receive reports from the Divisional Safety Advisor.

3.            To receive reports from and provide reports to the representative from UCL Safety Services responsible for the Division of Medicine.

4.            To receive reports and queries from Institute/Centre Safety Officers.  

5.            To monitor the effectiveness of the risk management processes and risk assessments.

6.            To review Divisional accident and incident data and investigations and monitor trends.

7.            To receive reports regarding audit processes and review findings and resulting actions.

8.            To approve and update Divisional policy, procedures and guidance.

9.            To ensure that local procedures for dealing with imminent danger and emergencies are adequate.

10.          To review and make recommendations on local training issues.

11.          To monitor the effectiveness of communication arrangements regarding H&S within the Division.

12.          Through its membership, to disseminate the content of committee meetings to relevant stakeholders.


Divisional Safety Lead Advisor

Divisional Director

Divisional Manager

Representative from UCL Safety Services responsible for the Division of Medicine

H&S Advisor for the Royal Free Campus 

Deputy for H&S Lead

Departmental Safety Officers

Union H&S Reps

PhD Students Reps

H&S Committee Minutes are available here: https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/Med/Health+and+Safety+Minutes or upon request to r.perelli@ucl.ac.uk

Safety Objectives 2021/2022

The Divisional Safety Objectives for 2021/2022 include:

  • Centres to do self-inspections once a year
  • All Principal Investigators/Laboratory Managers/Heads of Departments to have successfully completed the Level 1 questionnaire of the Responsible Risk Management eLearning module by the end of March 2022.
  • T100 Programme - Achieve Level 1 by the end of October 2022
  • The Division is also committed to achieve the UCL Health and Safety Objectives 2021/2022, pending UCL making relevant courses and registers available.



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