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About Target Medicine

Target Medicine programmes are designed for students from non-selective state schools around greater London who meet selected eligibility criteria. It currently comprises of four main programmes:

Mentoring Scheme

A 12 month mentoring scheme for high achieving Year 12 students from underrepresented backgrounds aspiring to become doctors.  The scheme matches over 230 sixth form pupils with 60 UCL medical students offering guided lessons and targeted support enabling students to become more competitive and well-informed medical school applicants.

Summer School

This is a week-long non-residential programme for Year 11 students considering medical school as an option for them.  The summer school teaches young people about the pathway into medicine and gives them an opportunity to experience what it’s like being a medical student through hands-on workshops, projects, and an opportunity to work with real patients.

Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge is a series of events over 6 weeks for Year 12 students whose parents have not been to university, and who are academically high achieving. Student explore why medical ethics is important for those who work in health care and explore different perspectives on a range of ethical issues. The programme encourages critical thinking and debate, and gives students valuable practice at crafting academic essays, which can be used during A-Level and university study.

The Summer Challenge is run in collaboration with UCL's Widening Participation Team.

We do not charge a fee for any of the support and advice offered to students and schools/colleges.


Become is a one-day event for Year 9 and 10 students of African and Caribbean descent to explore what it might be like to study medicine. The idea of this event was developed by four UCL Medical Students from Black African and Black Caribbean backgrounds, who noticed a low number of students from similar backgrounds entering the field of Medicine. 

Through this event, they hope to inspire young people from similar backgrounds to pursue anything they put their mind to. Using their own stories, and by delving into the field of medicine through practical hands-on workshops, they aim to show young people what they too can Become.


Our Staff and Student Team:

Helen White

Helen is the Target Medicine Manager and Senior Access Officer. The newest member of the Target Medicine team, she brings with her a wealth of experience in widening participation.

Jayne Kavanagh

Jayne Kavanagh is one of the academic leads of Target Medicine and is lead of the Medical Ethics and Law Unit at UCL Medical School. She has been running a pre-medicine Summer School at UCL since 2006.

Following the 2007 Summer School she encouraged final year medical student, Abdul Salam, to set up a project to support Year 11 & 12 students through the process of applying to medical school - Target Medicine was launched three months later and Jayne continues to be actively involved in the delivery and development of  the project.

Shirley Cupit

Shirley is one of the academic leads of Target Medicine and is a Senior Teaching Fellow who has been teaching UCL medical students since 1996. Prior to that she initially trained as a nurse in the 1970's and worked in the NHS for a number of years. During this time her awareness of the links between social and health inequities developed and she left the NHS to work for many years in community settings with socially excluded groups and individuals.

The main focus of her teaching is on helping to create doctors who are able to work with diverse communities and to work towards increasing fairness in health care and in wider society, hence her interest in Target Medicine. She has been involved in Target Medicine since 2009, with a particular focus on developing and delivering the Mentoring Scheme and on supporting the medical student mentors.

Anxhela Gradeci

Anxhela Gradeci is a 5th Year UCL Medical Student and the Student Lead for Target Medicine. She first became involved with Target Medicine when she was a Sixth Form student and applied to join the Mentoring Scheme. Once at UCL, Anxhela joined Target Medicine as a Mentor on the Mentoring scheme and Summer school. She then became a Team Leader and following this the Deputy Student Lead for the programme and has now been the Student Lead since 2016.    

Anxhela grew up in East London and first became interested in a career in medicine aged 15, she was the first her family to do so. When she began her A-levels, she attended a careers event where Target Medicine Medical Students were giving a talk. On leaving the event, Anxhela applied to join the programme’s mentoring scheme, and became a regular student on the programme.

She regards the support she received from Target Medicine as an integral reason for her being where she is today. Since starting medical school Anxhela has been passionately committed to widening participation, appreciating the impact such work can have on individuals.

Roshni Goodka

Roshni is a 4th year UCL medical student and the Deputy Student Lead for Target Medicine.  She first became involved in Target Medicine in 2nd year and has volunteered as both a Team Member and Team Leader. As Deputy Student Lead, Roshni helps with the organisation and running of the scheme and works closely with the Student Lead to support Team Leaders and Mentors. This includes training volunteer mentors, preparing sessions and lesson plans and liaising with the Target Medicine Manager and Academic Leads.

Applying to medical school is tough but having been fortunate to receive a great deal of support from her school Roshni wanted to provide the same support to others. During her time volunteering as Mentor and Team Leader she's seen two students successfully get into medical school. Their achievement inspires her to continue volunteering with the programme. Aside from spending her time planning Target Medicine sessions, Roshni enjoys playing netball and doing yoga. Both are great stress relievers and time away from her hectic studies!