UCL Medical School


Information for current MBBS Students and Staff

Welcome to the MBBS website which holds information to help current students and staff to navigate the MBBS and IBSc programmes. 

These programmes are led by Professor Deborah Gill through UCL Medical School and a team of Academic and Student Support Leads drawn from the Medical School and associated NHS Trusts.  Student support is led by Divisional Tutor, Dr W Coppola, assisted by a team of Medical Student Support Tutors

Please would you be kind enough to direct email enquiries to the following addresses:

Year 1mbbsy1@ucl.ac.uk
Year 2mbbsy2@ucl.ac.uk
Year 3medsch.mbbsy3@ucl.ac.uk
Year 4medsch.year4@ucl.ac.uk
Year 5medsch.year5@ucl.ac.uk
Year 6medsch.year6@ucl.ac.uk
Clinical & Professional Practicemedsch.cpp@ucl.ac.uk
Student Support clinicsmedsch.student-support@ucl.ac.uk
Personal Tutorsmedsch.ptutors1-6@ucl.ac.uk
Elective approvalmedsch.elective-approval@ucl.ac.uk