UCL Medical School


Study Skills

At Medical School you are expected to learn independently; this means taking responsibility for your own study.  

Many of the academic skills you are expected to use whilst at university will be new to year 1 students.  Some of the skills that medical students will need to develop are: Reading and Note-making; Research and Evaluation; Critical Thinking Skills; Academic Writing Skills; Referencing; Group work and Presentations; Examination Skills. 
Some useful resources to help you master these academic skills can be found at:

UCL’s Virtual Learning Environment

Please login using your IS username and password. You are automatically enrolled for all relevant Moodle courses and this should be your first post of call for information about your modules.

UCL’s Revision tool: Moodle Snapshot (Archive) The Snapshot is a copy of all UCL Moodle courses which is taken in mid-July each year and made available for reference (read-only). The purposes is to retain an accessible digital record of each Moodle course for students and staff. Courses are kept in the archive for up to 5 years. Students can therefore use the Moodle Snapshot as a revision resource to access their Moodle courses from previous years.
The archive is available for all members of the UCL community who have a valid UCL and username and password, but only those enrolled on courses this year will be able to access them in the archive next year.  It is highly recommended therefore that students do not manually un-enrol themselves from courses as they will then be unable to access the archiver in future years.

UCLMS Curriculum Map 

This is a guide to underpin your learning through teaching, personal study and clinical experience. It can also be used to help prepare for assessments.