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On this page you will find a selection of information sheets and links covering various study skills, video tutorials, careers and physical access guides.

On this page you can find resources on the following:

Convert media to accessible formats

Convert PDFs, JPEGs and other files into an e-book, text file, audio or braille. You can combine more than one .JPG into a single file.   

 Use the Sensus website to convert documents to accessible formats. 

Study Skills 

General Resources

Information Sheets

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students can access the Doctoral Skills Development Programme which contains a wide range of courses from research techniques and thesis preparation, to career management and employability skills. 

Online Video Tutorials 

Disability Support YouTube Channel

You can visit our YouTube channel for a wide range of videos and playlists on subjects such as assistive technology tutorials and study skills tips. 


The Lynda web portal contains a vast array of video tutorials, available free to all current UCL students - just login using your UCL username and password. Particular subjects of interest for students may include:

Physical access guides 

An audit of all UCL Buildings has been undertaken by Disabled Go. Please see the following page for full details on their accessibility: 


City Disabilities

City Disabilities works to encourage disabled students and young professionals to seek out leadership roles. They believe that the experience of being disabled is one from which students learn particular and unusual skills; skills that are extremely valuable in the workplace. 

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Change 100

The Leonard Cheshire Disability charity runs an intern scheme for disabled students and graduates called Change 100. 

Applications for Summer 2018 will open on 28 September 2017. 

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Blind in Business

Blind in Business helps people who are blind or partially sighted into work. They offer help and support with finding work, the interview process, and obtaining any equipment you may need. 

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