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Exam success guide

The UCL exam success guide will help you perform at the best of your ability on the day of your exam and get the best possible results.

Exam results 

Thursday 8 July is results day for many UCL students, and you might be feeling nervous or worried about what your results mean for you, wherever you are in your UCL journey.

Student Support and Wellbeing have lots of support available, including additional appointments with advisers. Call us on 020 7679 0100 between 9 and 10am to make an appointment for the same day, or submit an enquiry via askUCL and we will contact you to make an appointment, which can be via video call, phone call, or Microsoft Teams chat. You can also read our UCLcares blog for some further support. 

Extension of ID cards and access to services for students taking Late Summer Assessments

If you’re taking Late Summer Assessments (LSAs) this August, you will continue to have access to all the same services and facilities throughout the summer period. This includes entry into libraries, laptop loans, printing and scanning facilities, access to Moodle, and all other support services. Your access will be extended automatically and you do not need to contact UCL to request this. 

If you’re taking LSAs and your ID card expiry date is earlier, please disregard this – you will be able to continue using your ID card even after this date has passed, until September 2021.

The exam success guide is here to help you plan and prepare to the best of your ability for exam day. The examination period is an understandably challenging time, and few of us can honestly say that we don't get at least a little nervous before sitting an exam. As much as we might sometimes dislike them, exams are in most cases an essential means of assessment, and there is plenty we can do to tackle our stress and achieve our best. 

Effective exam revision

Library books

Revision strategies and tips for maintaining your motivation, organisation and concentration ahead of your exams. 

Staying healthy during exam season

girl standing alone

How to maintain a healthy mind and body during the busy exam period. 

Preparing for open book exams

Student with laptop

What to expect from an open book exam and how you can prepare for one. 

Top tips for exam day

Masked student with laptop and PC

How to manage yourself and your time on the day of your exam.  

When exams are finished


Some steps you can take to help you better manage your thoughts to find balance while you wait for your results.