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E-Learning Guidance

An overview of the current digital resources and tools used within the MBBS programme. 


Moodle hosts all your learning materials and course information. You will be enrolled on all the relevant module courses for your current year of study. You will also be enrolled onto programme courses that all students can access. 


Moodle Snapshot 

The UCL Moodle snapshot contains read-only snapshots of Moodle courses from years previous to 2021 for students and staff to refer to. All courses from 2021/22 onwards are in UCL Moodle

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Curriculum Map  

The MBBS Curriculum Map is a guide to underpin your learning and help prepare for assessments. It should be supplemented with teaching, personal study and clinical experience. Medicine is vast and complex; no map can be exhaustive. Learning will be built upon as you go through the MBBS course so you will draw upon material covered in previous years. 

There will be dynamic improvements to keep the map updated. UCLMS has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the content is up to date. 

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UCLMS-ASR is part of the curriculum Map. You can use ASR to: 

  • View Personal Details
  • Update Curriculum Map Settings
  • Make Notes and complete checklist on Curriculum Map
  • View summative and Formative examination results
  • View Medical Student Support Meetings and appointment notes
  • Create and View Attendance Records
  • View Prizes 
  • View your Personal Tutor details and any meeting notes
  • View Clinical Timetables
  • Manage your Portfolio
  • Complete Learning Surveys / Provide Feedback

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Lecture capture / Live Lectures / Seminars / Tutorials 

UCL use several resources to deliver online synchronous learning including: 

The Medical School will record all live teaching sessions where possible. The resources will be available through Moodle. A recording and transcript of the lecture will be produced once the recording is processed and can be downloaded.  

Please note that sessions may not be recorded for any of the following reasons: 

  • Lecturers can decline on a personal exception basis 
  • Where the lecture content is not suitable for access to others within UCL  
  • Where discussions of a sensitive or personal nature will be taking place 
  • Legal or copyright reasons 

Asynchronous audio/visual content 

The Medical School will make asynchronous content available through Moodle where possible. The recording and transcript of the content can be downloaded as an aid to learning.

Sharing and distribution of downloaded content

Content that is downloaded is for your own use to support your learning and understanding of the Medical School curriculum and therefore content should not be:

  • Edited or amended without the consent of the owner
  • Pass such recordings to any other person by any means, including distribution via email (except for the purposes of transcription only) 
  • Publish or sell such recordings in any form (this includes, but is not limited to, the internet and hard copy publication) 

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Personal Recording of lectures (including AI note taking apps) 

Students may not: 

  • Record teaching sessions without gaining consent first e.g. SoRA 
  • Record teaching sessions or lectures on behalf of anyone else 
  • Pass such recordings to any other person by any means, including distribution via email (except for the purposes of transcription only) 
  • Publish or sell such recordings in any form (this includes, but is not limited to, the internet and hard copy publication) 
  • Use automated note taking tools in synchronous sessions  

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Due to the complexity of the MBBS programme UCL Medical school uses several solutions to support timetabling: 

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UCL Module catalogue 

UCL’s Module Catalogue is a resource for both staff and students and provides summary information on all of the modules running at the University during each academic year. 

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iPad Programme  

Students in Year 4, 5 and 6 of the MBBS Programme are eligible to receive an iPad to support teaching and learning whilst on Clinical Placements. Student can access a range of apps including: 

  • BMJ Best practice 
  • BNF NICE Guidance 
  • MED Clac 
  • MS Office Apps  

Additionally, iPads can be used to support online examinations. 

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Spark Forms 

Web and iPad app allowing you to complete Portfolio requirements on and offline.

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Additional Resources 

Use of Medicine Prescription Writing Guide

Best Practice (BMJ)  

Clinical evidence, guidelines and expert opinion on health care, from the BMJ Publishing Group. Presented in a step-by-step approach, covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Replaces Clinical Evidence for UCL users. 


An evidence-based knowledge system to help clinicians make the right decisions at the point of care. For off-site access via the mobile app, please register here from a UCL computer. Once registered, you will have to log into UpToDate from a UCL computer within the next 3 months or your account will expire. 

Speaking Clinically (Year 4, 5 and 6) 

Speaking Clinically is a video archive of patients talking openly about their medical conditions. It can be used as a teaching aid or for self-directed study. This resource is operated by the Medical Schools Council and available to students at its member medical schools. 

Capsule (Year 4, 5 and 6) 

CAPSULE is a quiz-based learning resource designed to support undergraduate medical students in the application of medical knowledge in the clinical setting. 

Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas  

Visible Body is a 3D interactive anatomy visualization and education tool. The Human Anatomy Atlas modules includes all body systems, gross anatomy, and select microanatomy. 


Over 500 interactive and fully customizable life science lessons for active learning, whether you’re teaching in the lab or remotely. 

SCRIPT- safe prescriber 

This is an eLearning programme to improve safety and competency among healthcare professionals around prescribing, therapeutics and medicines management.

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