UCL Medical School


Student Selected Components

Student Selected Components represent one of the ‘choice’ elements of the MBBS programmes which, when added to the ‘core’ elements, enriches students’ learning and allows students to tailor what they learn to their individual needs and interests. SSCs are a core requirement of all undergraduate medical programmes and are an integral part of the curriculum, enabling students to demonstrate mandatory competences while allowing choice in studying an area of particular interest to them.  The list of SSCs offered each year is published in the Year 1 and Year 2 Student Selected Components Moodle courses.   

The aim of the SSCs is to provide you with an opportunity to study additional topics which are not included in the core MBBS curriculum, to study topics of interest in more depth, to engage in a more meaningful way in an area of practice that you have enjoyed, or allow you to further develop skills or understanding. They should additionally allow students to develop one or more generic skills which will be useful in the practise of medicine such as team-working, essay-writing, PowerPoint presentations, researching, teaching, or patient advocacy.