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Sustainability at UCLMS

Whether you’re a current UCL medical student, alumni, or just want to know more, read on for more information on sustainability at UCLMS, and what you can do to be part of the change!
Climate change

Our Initiatives

From a unique SSC to the Planetary Health Report Card Team, UCLMS is proud of of our various sustainability projects and have several key initiatives.


Climate Change and Medicine

Climate change can devastate not only the natural environment, but also has a big impact on global public health issues. 

Portico building

How To Get Involved at UCL

Passionate about sustainability and want to get stuck in?  Why not join one of the many societies, gardening projects or outreach programmes based at UCL

Portico building

Bloomsbury Campus Map

Want to be more sustainable but not really sure where to go? We’ve put together a list of great low-waste, second-hand shops, restaurants and parks to visit near UCL.