Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering



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Key contacts for current students

Student Support

For individual student advice and support please refer to our departmental student support contacts

Programme Contacts

While the UCL campus is closed, please see this list of primary and secondary contacts for each of our programmes.
NameProgrammePrimary or SecondaryEmail
Dean BarrattAll (Director of Studies) Primaryd.barratt@ucl.ac.uk
James Vallerine All (Senior Teaching & Learning Admin)Secondarymedphys.teaching@ucl.ac.uk
Ben CoxMedical Physics BSc/MSciPrimaryb.cox@ucl.ac.uk
Marco EndrizziMedical Physics BSc/MSciSecondarym.endrizzi@ucl.ac.uk
Terence LeungBiomedical Engineering BEng/MEngPrimaryt.leung@ucl.ac.uk
Rebecca YerworthBiomedical Engineering BEng/MEngSecondaryr.yerworth@ucl.ac.uk
Karin ShmueliIntercalated iBScPrimaryk.shmueli@ucl.ac.uk
Clare ElwellIntercalated iBScSecondaryc.elwell@ucl.ac.uk
Ilias TachtsidisGraduate taught MSc/MResPrimary i.tachtsidis@ucl.ac.uk
Billy DennisGraduate taught MSc/MResSecondaryw.dennis@ucl.ac.uk
Gary Zhang CDT Medical Imaging PhDPrimary gary.zhang@ucl.ac.uk
Matt ClarksonCDT Medical Imaging PhDSecondarym.clarkson@ucl.ac.uk
Adrien Desjardins Non-CDT PhD studentsPrimarya.desjardins@ucl.ac.uk


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Academic staff

List of our current academic staff

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Honorary staff

Our honorary staff, including former heads of department

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Teaching & learning team contacts and other professional services staff

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Teaching fellows

List of current teaching fellows



Current research staff in the department

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Key Contacts & Support

Head of Department, programme tutors, and student advisors – for any questions you may have