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Lulwa Althenayan

Between Shari'ah and international standards: protecting the rights of the child under Saudi Arabia's human rights laws

Joe Atkinson
Headshot of Joe Atkinson, current UCL Laws PhD student

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Caspar Julius Ferdinand Bartscherer

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King Tembinkosi Bonakele

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Malik Bozzo-Rey

Trevor Clark

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Joseph Crampin

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Conor Crummey
Conor Crummey

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Hitesh Dhorajiwala

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Aleisha Ebrahimi-Tsamis
Aleisha Ebrahimi-Tsamis

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Martin Fischer


Veronica Garcia de Cortazar Galleguillos

Alexander Green

An Interpretive Account of Legal Obligations between States
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Julius Grower

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Kumaravadivel Guruparan

(Tentative) The Normative and Legal Content of 'Internal' Self-Determination in Public International Law
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Alexandra Hearne

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Eleanore Hickman
Eleanore Hickman

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Max Houghton

Ashleigh Keall

Conceptions of harm in the constitutional protection of religious freedom
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Joyman Lee

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Christina Lienen
Christina Lienen

Common Law Constitutional Rights and the Nuanced Constitution
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Daniella Lock

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Peter Lythe

Utility, Truth and God: The Importance of Religion in the Thought of Jeremy Bentham
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Terry McGuinness

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Andrew McLean

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Gaiane Nuridzhanian

Exceptions to the the principle of ne bis in idem in international criminal law
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Luminita Olteanu

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Niko Pavlopoulos

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Sara Razai

An empirical research on the role and significance of the Arab Judge in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt

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Ed Robinson
Edmund Robinson

International Human Rights Law Regulation of the Risk of Violence

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Ira Ryk-Lakhman

Natalie Sedacca
Natalie Sedacca

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Nicholas Sinanis

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Krystof Turek

Proprietary Restitution of Unjust Enrichment
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Priya Urs

The Application of the Gravity Threshold for Admissibility at the International Criminal Court
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Ernesto Vargas Weil

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Eugenio Velasco Ibarra Arguelles

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Luis F Viveros

The applicability of Full Reparation as a matter of IHRL in the practice of International Courts and Tribunals
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